Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and Humidity

QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES GLOBAL (QTG) provides accredited on-site calibration to a vast range of chambers from Humidity as low as 5%RH up to 95%RH over a temperature range from 23°C to 90°C to Temperature from -196°C to 300°C.

Our engineers have many years of experience in performing adjustment, trouble shooting and calibration. We perform calibration in accordance with international standard IEC 60068-3-5:2018 and IEC 6008-3-6:2018 to deliver trustworthy results that meet international standards.


  • Humidity Chamber
  • Temperature Chamber
  • Walk-In Chamber
  • Freezer
  • Chiller
  • Oven
  • Cold Chain Services

Probe placement for 9 points Temperature Calibration up to 2000 litres and 15 point for 3000 litres and above.


Humidity Chamber

Walk-In Chamber

Quantum Technologies Global Pte Ltd uses certified equipment to carry out calibration to ensure customer equipment are accurately calibrated to the lowest tolerance.

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