Nuclear Medicine

Theranostics: New Era in Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceuticals

“Precision Radiopharmaceutical: Improve the survivability by reducing the side effects of treatment”

What mattered for Quantum Nuclear Medicine journey was the will to focus on effective diagnosis and targeted treatment of disease.

Our area of expertise

We provide a wide range of clinical diagnostic and point of care solutions in following areas.


  • I-131
  • MIBG I-131
  • Tc-99m generator
  • Y-90
  • Ga68
  • Lu-177
  • Others

Cold Kits

  • MDP
  • DMSA
  • MBrIDA
  • MIBI
  • Stannous chloride dihydrate
  • Human immunoglobulin G
  • Others

Radiation Safety and Protection

  • Nuclear Medicine shielding accessories
  • Survey Meter
  • Dosimeter
  • Radiation Monitoring System
  • Hot-lab setup and shielding
  • Customization