Metrology Series

Automated Focus Adjustments

Metrology series is equipped with a specifically designed telecentric lens with a large depth of field and high resolution. It will automatically bring the measurement points into focus, without manual adjustment.



Always Real Size

Equipped with a telecentric optical system, which means that the image is not affected by the height differences of the part. Allowing it to perform accurate measurements of parts with uneven surfaces or concave-convex areas.


Zero Distortion in the Full Field of View

The lens not only minimises distortion near the centre but also at the outer reaches of the field of view, so parts can be measured accurately regardless of the position on the object table.


Automated Edge Detection

The program can execute sub-pixel processing on the edges thanks to high-order interpolation and numerical fitting algorithms, and high-precision measurement at the sub-pixel level is used in large fields of view.




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