EduDIC – a complete Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system, designed as a simple educational training tool for academic courses in experimental solid mechanics. This easy-to-use system allows academic instructors to effectively present the optical measurement technique of DIC for materials testing to the engineers and scientists of tomorrow.

See EduDIC in Action

How it Looks Like

The EduDIC system is designed with minimal hardware components – making connection easier and quicker. USB cameras operate in master/slave camera mode, which is a special configuration that does not require connection to an external triggering box. Cameras only need to be connected to one another and to a laptop PC – and that’s all! In addition, the illumination system does not require any external hardware.

What are the Testing Application?

The EduDIC cameras can be positioned and arranged freely on a mounting bar to better capture standard testing applications such as tensile, compression, bending, torsion, buckling and even (quasi-static) fracture mechanic tests. Utilize the benefits of full-field measurements, with one flexible measurement system for presenting movies with combinations of 2D and 3D-visualizations, temporal and spatial measurement plots.

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