Quantum Technologies Global Pte Ltd is pleased to partner with UTEST 

UTEST is a leading manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment for

construction materials, to offer material testing equipment to the

construction industry. Included in this range of equipment are solutions for

testing are aggregates, asphalt & bitumen, cement, and soil. All the

equipment are tested to guarantee quality, reliability and performance, and

are backed by the international standards and warranties.

UTEST frequently cooperates with the construction companies that carry

out worldwide projects, private laboratories, universities and state

institutions such as mineral research and exploration, road and highways,

environment and city planning or hydraulics, irrigation and hydrology


Utest offers:

Aggregates Testing

We offer 4 types of aggregates testing:

  • General and Geometrical Properties of Aggregates
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties of Aggregates
  • Thermal and Weathering Properties of Aggregates
  • Chemical Properties of Aggregates

Asphalt and Bitumen Testing

We have 3 types of asphalt & bitumen testing:

  • Analysis of Bituminous Mixtures
  • Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures
  • Asphalt and Road Quality Testing

Cement Testing

Our cement testing includes:

  • Physical and Chemical Property Tests (except strength tests)
  • Building Lime, Grout and Mud Tests

Soil Testing

Our soil testing comprises of:

  • Field Inspection and Sampling
  • Laboratory Testing/Specimen Preparation
  • Soil Classification Tests
  • Soil Mechanic Tests
  • Compacted Road Base and Sub-Base Soils Tests
  • Soil Permeability and Dispersibility
  • Advanced Soil Testing Systems

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